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Hollywood Fringe Festival 2012
Theresa Tilly is well recognized as the hand chewing monster Shelly in Sam Raimi’s cult classic Evil Dead.  Tilly has an extensive film resume including her work as Selma Blair’s mother in Debutante (won Best Short in LAFF) and the lead in Elmore Leonard’s Appearances on PBS. She can be seen in a cameo role serving up “slop” to Gunar Hanson in Brutal Massacre, released this summer. Her television work has placed her on several prime time shows including Family Law, Designing Women and Six Feet Under.  Tilly is also recognized through her extensive commercial work. She has had national commercials for Cadillac, Sprint, JC Penny’s, Cingular, McDonalds, MCI, Russell Stovers and Lexus.

Her voice-over work includes routinely providing network promos for NBC, CBS, FOX, TBS, ABC, ESPN, and HBO.  She has provided voice lead-ins and hosting for The Hallmark Channel and Playboy Channel. She is the first female to announce ESPY awards for ESPN and she is the first female voice to launch Survior China. Tilly has also been a regular voice on FOX Sports Best Damn Sports Show and The Health Network. Winter 2009 remains strong for Theresa Tilly with two movies in the works. Tilly stars as Ora in The Road and the Sky which will be entered in the Film Festivals this spring. She and he Ladies of the Evil Dead are thrilled about their new TV Pilot "Dangerous Women" Tilly plays Shelly in a twisted comedy about un-botoxed 40 plus suburban women grappling with the challenges of motherhood, marriage, careers and friendship, while at the same time being tormented by her evil other-self.  Tilly is currently in development on another TV pilot -"Far Corner" a humorous sports drama about Maggie a divorced forty plus woman discovering new relationships both on and off the field while being challenged in the aggressive game of soccer.